The Waratah Heritage Festival events program is finally here! This jam-packed schedule has something for everyone. What a great way to celebrate 150 years since James ‘Philosopher’ Smith discovered tin in Waratah.

S0 said the Waratah-Wynyard Council on their website and on their Facebook page.

The event proceeded on 4/5 December and was well received and supported by the community

Due to hospitalisation, I was unable to attend but I am reliably told it was a stunning event.

However, as I alerted herein:-

As Abel Tasman Said: ‘What Anniversary?’ – Tasmanian Times

The government and its apparatchiks were missing in action!

There was no sign of the Premier, and indeed I am reliably informed not a single member of the government attended the event, nor did they provide any form of funding support.

The classic absence was that of Senator Duniam who was due to open the Philosopher Trail but did not appear. Jonathon calls himself Johnno because he’s a man of the people you see, although he hates actually meeting them.

So much for supporting a struggling community in its finest moment. Duh!

This post was perfect in its content and its timing

Waratah is Dying  – Tasmanian Times

So, after discharge from hospital, I did a bit of exploring on the track to Philosopher Falls with Gandalf to see if I could find anybody hiding and…

Kapow!  In a hobbit tree hole, there was the Minister for Resources being scrutinised by #PapiG with the Minister for Water doing his Hillsong Rapture flying overhead.

So much for responsible government. Duh!