Media release – Tasmanian Fine Food Awards, 28 March 2023

2023 Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards

Australia’s oldest fine food awards program – the Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Awards – are gearing up for their 28th year

Entries are due to close in the first section of the Awards – Bakery, Preserves and Plant Based foods – on April 2, with judging to take place on April 20-21.

This year’s Awards have more than 20 major sponsors and many more minor sponsors, reflecting the importance of the program within the Australian food industry.

The first section to be judged next month includes:

Tasmanian Flour Mills Bakery Awards, consisting of Savoury and Sweet Baked Products such as crackers, crispbreads, biscuits, slices, pies, cakes, puddings, tarts and flans, breads, rolls, muffins, and crumpets

Tassal Group Preserves Awards, including chutneys, relishes, jellies, marmalade, dressings, Mayonnaise, vinegars, bush foods, jams, spreads and pastes.

The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel Plant based/Vegan Products Awards, including plant-based and vegan products such as butter, milk, yoghurt, vegan cheese, non-dairy ice creams, sorbets, pies, slices, cakes, muffins, plant-based sausages and burgers, plant based bacon, schnitzels, falafels and tofu.

The dairy and beverages sections will be judged in June; and in July three categories will be judged: Seafoods, Smallgoods and Delicatessen; Sweet and Spicy, and Pantry Items and Other Products. Olive products will be judged at the start of September.

Entries are now open in all sections of this year’s Awards.

Entries come from every corner of Australia and reflect what Australians are eating and what trends – such as vegan and plant-based foods – are emerging. Tasmanian producers consistently punch above their weight in these national awards.