News item – Rosny Hill Friends Network Inc., 24 January 2023

Rosny Hill planning extension…

At the recent Clarence City Council meeting on Monday 23rd January 2023,

it was stated that an extension to the planning permit to build a hotel on Rosny Hill has been granted by Council Officers.

This decision was delegated to the Chief Executive Officer (formerly the General Manager), or Council Planning Officers, with no guidelines as to whether or when this decision should be brought to the attention of the Councillors.

How is it that an unelected Chief Executive Officer, or any other Council Officer, has discretion to make such far-reaching decisions on public land without reference to the “Board of Directors”, the elected councillors of the Clarence City Council?

You can see the record of meeting at

and the answer to the issue of Rosny Hill at the recorded time of about 1.37.50.

Kangaroo Bay

The majority of this meeting was spent in discussion about whether Council should buy back Kangaroo Bay.

If you are concerned about this, or any other matters raised in this meeting, please contact your councillors

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