Huskisson River

Mt Lindsay mine site

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, and most of us haven’t, this is the miners’ map of Australia as of February 2013 with our so-called National Landscapes superimposed.


Note that most of Tasmania is National Landscape.

This is why Sharyn Munro, author of Rich Land, Wasteland, is coming to the island to tell you about what Big Mining, compliant governments and servile media are planning for us.

Don’t think it can’t happen here as it has in the Hunter Valley, on Queensland’s Galilee Plains and nearly did — and still might — on the famous Margaret River in Western Australia.

She’s presenting the documetary Bimblebox about the fight to save a government-funded nature reserve in Queensland from Clive Palmer’s China First mine, intended toi be the biggest yet, and of the human consequences of our headlong resources rush. That’s tonight at 8:30, Wednesday 27th March, at the State Cinema.

On Wednesday 3rd April at 7pm she’s presenting ot again at the Supper Room, Cygnet Town Hall.

And on Thursday 4th April at 5:30pm she’s talking about her best-selling book at the Hobart Bookshop.

Monday on Tasmanian Times: Tasmania: the next Pilbara?