Lia Weston has never been to Tasmania but her parents, she tells me rave about it. Lia has something else to thank her parents for raving about and that is a love of reading and writing which contributed to her becoming an author.

Lia’s latest novel challenges readers with the question of what would happen if we could at least in appearances, get exactly what they wanted.

The protagonist of the novel ‘You Wish’ is visual artist Tom Nash but instead of painting conventional portraits or a still life instead these computer images blur the line between imagination and reality.

Tom creates moving lives in more ways than one. Moving in that his creations are three dimensional, moving episodes captured as photo stills and also moving in that they help to redress an emotional imbalance. Think of still having a wedding ’a revenge wedding’ when the bride or groom may have had cold feet and left their partner at the altar or in gaining a Uni degree without the sweat of study, and most moving of all in its poignancy creating an imagined life for a child, when that child is

Of course the delicious possibility of realising ones most impossible dreams has a downside too, explored in the novel. What happens when these intimate images created for a specific purpose and for certain eyes only find themselves shared with others as something shifty is happening at the organisation.

Lia invites us to consider the repercussions of creating artificial lives and the damage it can cause, juxtaposing the creation of imaginary lives is the search for an authentic life by the novel’s characters, such as Tom’s sisters Gen’s desire to be true to herself and Tom’s own search for real as opposed to imaginary love.

‘You Wish’ is out now published by Pan Macmillan.