Media release – Avocados Australia, 30 August 2022

It’s official! You can now enjoy more avocado!

The recommended serving size for avocado has been increased to 75g1. This is great news as it is now ok to eat more avocado each day!

According to a 2022 Avocado Nutrition and Health report2 published by Hort Innovation, studies have shown that people who regularly eat avocado have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI), a smaller waist and less weight gain over time. An expert roundtable recommends the serving size of 75g, or half a medium avocado, which is an increase on the previous recommendation of 50g.

In the 2022 Avocado Nutrition and Health report it also says avocados contribute almost 20 different nutrients and phytonutrients and that population research shows avocado eaters consume significantly more key nutrients than non-avocado eaters.3   So knowing that you can now eat more avocado each day is great news. If you don’t usually buy avocado take the plunge and add it to your weekly shop. Avocados can be enjoyed in lots of different ways while you enjoy all the great health benefits.

In the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Dietary Guidelines avocado meets two of their guidelines4. Not only is avocado a food you can enjoy every day (Guideline 2) it also can replace high fat foods like butter and cream (Guideline 3). There are so many good reasons to eat avocado and it is great that researchers are finding that eating more avocado is good for you.

John Tyas the CEO of Avocados Australia is encouraged by the increase in suggested serving size and hopes that more Australians take up the great health benefits of eating Aussie avocados.

“Whether smashed on toast, chopped into a smoothie, sliced in a salad or diced as a topping Aussie avocado is such a good addition to our diets,” said John Tyas, CEO of Avocados Australia.

“I encourage avocado novices to take the leap and try some Aussie avocado today.”

A treasure trove of avocado recipes can be found online at the Australian Avocados website:

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