Media release – City of Hobart, 12 June 2022

Stay safe on the mountain

Dangerous conditions on kunanyi / Mt Wellington over the weekend have led to a total of eight people being rescued from the mountain.

On Saturday, in two separate incidents, Tasmania Police Search and Rescue, along with ambulance and Wellington Park rangers from City of Hobart walked through extreme winds and blizzard conditions to reach a group of six on the pinnacle, with a further two individuals being rescued on the Zig Zag track later in the evening.

“This is one of the most extreme weather events we’ve seen on the mountain in several years. The snow and wind levels have been extraordinary,” City of Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds said. “And we want to absolutely reinforce the message that the conditions up there can become life threatening very quickly.

“Rescuers needed to walk in and then walk these people out to safety, putting even more lives at risk.”

Lord Mayor Reynolds said that the desire to go up and experience the snow was understandable, but to wait until the conditions were more appropriate to do so.

“Our teams will be working hard when the conditions ease to clear the road and provide access for people to head up to the pinnacle and see the beauty of a snow-capped kunanyi. We’re just pleading with people to ensure their own safety and that of those around them.”

Low clouds can reduce visibility to as little as a few metres when on the mountain, temperature drops can be significant and rapid, and be increased due to high winds. Even in good conditions, the circumstances can change quickly and anyone accessing the mountain should be prepared to turn back rather than attempt to push on.

“Just because it’s so close to our city doesn’t make it any less dangerous than other alpine locations. As astounding as our mountain is, we need to ensure that we treat the conditions with respect, and ensure everyone stays safe,” Lord Mayor Reynolds said.

More information about staying safe on the mountain can be found on the City of Hobart website: