Congratulations to Taswater, Waratah Wynyard Council and Ministers Ferguson and Barnett.

Our Easter egg has arrived (see video) the dam wall is destroyed, the flood plain destroyed and limited water flowing into the Waratah River, the town lakes and the famous Waratah Falls are at a new low trickle!

Private discussions with the contractors reveal they have no idea of when the so-called replacement dam will be built, and I am still waiting for a response to the RTI.

TasWater RTI on Waratah Reservoir – Tasmanian Times

Perhaps I should ask another question or two:

What is the extra cost is being incurred on a daily basis to provide clean bath/ drinking water to the community? (see photo below).

And what impact is foreseen to the tourist visitation to the town if the Falls fail to flow?

We suspect there will be no election photo-op by #Gollum nor the (Liberal) Member for Braddon nor #Scummo himself. Nor any of the backslapping state Liberal Members for Braddon x 3, one of whom is the new Premier. You’d think he might spend his early days in the job getting out and about a bit and hearing what the people have to say.

We have a few things to say! And we will never forget!