Visitors to Tasmania are being helped to stay warm with a free pair of thermal long johns for their stay.

Hundreds of colourful pairs of ‘Loan Johns’ will be accompanying travellers throughout Tasmania as they explore what we have to offer.

As part of their anti-ordinary Off Season winter campaign, Tourism Tasmania is supporting travellers to embrace winter and revel in the season by providing a limited number of long johns to keep travellers toasty warm during their winter adventures.

The garments s are made from Tasmanian materials and come in five colours, sizes XS-XL.

Interstate travellers will have the opportunity to pick up a pair of Loan Johns from a designated stand at both Hobart and Launceston airports on the dates indicated below, with limited stocks available.

Saturday, 5 June: Launceston Airport;

Friday, 2 July: Hobart Airport

“Tasmanians are a generous and creative bunch with a strong sense of community,” said John Fitzgerald, CEO Tourism Tasmania.

“We understand how to do winter properly and want to ensure our visitors are comfy and warm during their Off Season adventures. Our tourism industry has also got on board this campaign with hundreds of creative Off Season experiences that visitors can only enjoy during winter in Tassie.”

He said the campaign is an invitation for visitors to go full winter and enjoy the unique perspective on life that Tasmania embodies.

The tourism body is marketing the season as ‘winter for real’, a time to enjoy blazing log fires, slow-cooked feasts, snow-frosted forests and exceptional star gazing during long winter nights.

The winter campaign encourages mainlanders to come and experience a uniquely Tasmanian holiday for themselves during a time when the locals feast harder, dance longer, and embrace the very wilderness that defines them.

Correction – An earlier version of this post contained the following sentences, based upon instructions to travellers in a supplied image issued by PR company MINT who are engaged by Tourism Tasmania:

People will be encouraged to return the loan thermals when they are leaving. The garments will be dry-cleaned and re-packaged for subsequent visitors.

Subsequently a clarification from Tourism Tasmania stated:

There is no requirement for interstate travellers to return the Loan Johns and there is no sharing involved.

… the image…refers  to an early concept for Loan Johns that was not pursued.