Therese Corfiatis was born and grew up in Hobart. After a spell in Adelaide, she eventually moved back to Tasmania and settled in the beautiful coastal town of Ulverstone. She has worked as a disability support worker, a vocation close to her heart, as her oldest son was diagnosed at a very young age with autism. Therese has been active in the local literary scene in Ulverstone for many years.
She has published ten collections of poetry and her forthcoming book Breath and Other Poems will be reviewed soon by Tasmanian Times.

Last Day of Summer

The last day of summer
swelled in a blue triumph
pressing out against horizons
pushing down upon a cobalt-blue sea

Light composed of purest beauty
assaults the eye
like glints off a warrior’s shield
a force so immense
it built into legions
marching across tree-tops and hills
demanding songs from the throats of birds
spreading scent from green herb beds
compelling bees to hum far into dusk

Beyond the black tents of peaked hills
the last day of summer
shot out its quivering arrows
fingers now stilled, bows lowered
settling to rest
awaiting the advent of a million lustrous stars
the earth in liege
to all that lives and breathes
its many gods of shape and form and colour
replete at last.

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