Statement – Tasmanian Greens, 2 March 2020

House of Assembly Votes Database

The Tasmanian Greens have today launched an online tool which will provide easily searchable information regarding all votes that occur in the House of Assembly.

We hope the creation of this database will help improve transparency and accountability in relation to the proceedings that occur in Parliament. 

The House of Assembly Votes Database is hosted on our website, and is designed to be a resource for journalists, stakeholders, and members of the community.

While the Hansard database does record all proceedings in the House, it is not easily searchable and does not allow users to meaningfully filter votes.

Users of the House of Assembly Votes Database will be able to search for votes by topic, as well as filter votes by:

  •  The party who moved the item
  •  The date the vote occurred
  •  Those who voted ‘For’
  •  Those who voted ‘Against’

As an example, a user could search for all votes between April and August 2019 where the Greens voted ‘For’ and the Liberals voted ‘Against’.

Currently the Database includes a record of all votes from 2019, and in the coming weeks all votes from 2018 will also be available. It will be updated in a timely fashion to reflect the ongoing proceedings in the House.

We are committed to providing a resource which is both trusted and useful, and welcome user feedback on future functionality.

Note: Users are advised the House of Assembly Votes Database is currently limited to computers and tablets.

Editor’s note: the House of Assembly’s own database is here.