This poem was first published by The Register on Saturday, 11th December 1909.

To A River In Tasmania

By Marjorie Hay Walker

I love thee, gentle river, with a love
As deep as when thou wert to me the voice
Of all that lay beyond the changeless hills,
That unguessed world far-hidden by the hills,
Thy waters, washing widely into pools,
Tell of drear marshes traversed, and, beyond
A land of peaks and lakes, a silent land.
With no sound save the sad’ning plovers’ call
At evening, or the noise of some lone stream
Breaking with joy into a far-sought lake,
And oft, O river, I have heard thee sing
Of valleys fruited down to thy steep banks,
And hillsides clothed in the hop fields’ green!
But thou, unpausing, hast’neth further south,
To where, beyond the city and the mount,
Waits the sea.

“To A River In Tasmania”. The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 – 1929), 11th December 1909, page 4. Retrieved 27th January 2020, from

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