Newkind in collaboration with Tasmanian Times, is offering some discounted last minute tickets to this year’s Newkind conference, which is held next week from Wednesday 29  January 29 to 2 February.

The sole purpose of the Newkind conference is to ‘create social change’.

The discount code TASSIETIMES will give 20% off the cost of all ticket types (including camping and vehicle passes)

According to their website, the Newkind conference still has a few final release tickets available. Click here to access the tickets page:

The annual Newkind conference is on again from 29 January to 2 February. It will see a number of local, national, and international speakers converge on the Marion Bay Falls Festival site to share knowledge and insights around well-being, social inclusion, human impacts, and global thinking with local action.

The 5-day festival turned conference aims to be sustainable in both theory and practice, by eliminating the idea of waste, using locally sourced renewable energy, and sourcing food locally and organically.

Sustainability is not the only objective, as Newkind structures in its ethics to only consume plant based meals, grow and support local economic initiatives, and minimise their environmental impact, all to achieve greater harmony in the way conference attendees consume at the event. By learning in a social environment how to consume along the principles organisers believe are important, participants can then take the knowledge and practice in to their own worlds as they think appropriate.

The way event is conducted appears to be as important as the content of the event. Although a means to an end, the belief that people can take steps now, if only temporarily, is a positive demonstration of acting in the present. Many Tasmanians have been practicing partial or wholly sustainably-minded living for many years, and this conference provides additional opportunities for conversation and perspective.


The event will consist of lectures, workshops, discussion panels, various experiences from yoga, beach fun, music, open mic poetry, films, and walks that organisers will be facilitating. The topics are poignant, given the ongoing direct actions & environmental protests across Tasmania and Australia. They allow for open formats to explore familiar or new ideas with a range of different people.

Helena Norberg-Hodge, image courtesy Local Futures

Among the speakers are some notable thinkers, including Helena Norberg-Hodge, who since the 1980s has been a strong voice for localisation in response to the impacts of globalisation and hyper-consumerism.

Also coming to the conference are many local and national voices in their region or expertise. They suggest what many may see as radical ideas for individual and collective thought and action to become a ‘new kind’.

For more information and last minute tickets you can visit the Newkind website.

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Since 2017, Newkind has evolved from an alternative, small scale festival to a polished and succinctly targeted conference for social change activists.