Lisa Campbell-Smith for Contemporary Arts Tasmania talks to Jim Everett puralia meenamatta.

When talking about walantanalinany palingina, Ruth Langford (Season 4,Episode 5) always says “It’s Uncle Jimmy’s vision.”

Jim Everett puralia meenamatta is an artist, playwright, poet and Tasmanian Aboriginal elder from Cape Barren Island. Originally he is from the clan plangermairreenner of the Ben Lomond people, a clan of the Cape Portland nation in North-East Tasmania. For this episode CAT were fortunate enough to chat with Jim about his vision for 2020 and beyond.

In March 2020 Contemporary Art Tasmania and walantanalinany palingina will work together to present Reserved for Healing in the CAT Gallery, with Ruth Langford, Warren Mason and Michelle Maynard. Reserved for Healing opens on 6 March 2020 and will continue until 5 April.

Audio of Jim reading his poem Waterlines and Ghostlines is courtesy of Troy Melville. Brendan Walls provided the audio mix and additional audio for this episode.