Launceston has been chosen to host the 2020 Australian Transplant Games. It will be the seventeenth version of the event.

The Games will run from 27 September 2020 through to 3 October 2020 and will include an opening ceremony, public activities, more than 20 sports, closing ceremony and gala dinner. Approximately 500 people will take part in the event from interstate and overseas.

The Games are an inspirational event promoting the gift of life. Recipients have the opportunity to improve their health and fitness and the opportunity to say thank you. The participants owe their lives to the generosity of someone else, having received a transplant organ or tissue – hearts, liver, kidneys, pancreas, corneal and heart valve.

The event demonstrates tangible benefits of donation, showing that people who were once terminally ill can resume an active lifestyle.  The Games are a way to set health and fitness goals for transplant recipients as well as an opportunity to be part of a wonderful community.

Whilst there are some elite athletes attending the Games, they are by no means an elite sporting competition. The Games are about participation – getting involved, making friendships that will last years, and having a go.

If you want to talk to someone about the Transplant Games and how you can get involved call Julie Edwards in the National Office on 02 9922 5400. Email contact is Transplant Australia’s National Sports Administrator

This event is also a wonderful opportunity to encourage Tasmanians to become organ donors. They can do so at: