This is going to be a regular column of things that, well, good and conscientious citizens might be interested in. We build our community by sharing and here we are going to share some news about what’s going on, how you can have your say, petitions you might be interested in and news about appeals looking for support. If you have any suggested content for Good Citizen, please send it to and include Good Citizen in the subject line.

anti-protest laws (again) – a parliamentary e-petition against the laws can be signed by following this web-link: . Please also consider circulating to people you know

bushfire appeals – Vinnies is running an appeal in relation to the recent bushfires in NSW. The Red Cross has a standing disaster relief fund for both Australian and overseas events.

Tinderbox Hills – the Tasmanian Land Conservancy is seeking donations to create a reserve at Tinderbox Hills. Have a listen to the siren song of these forty-spotted pardalotes while you reach for your wallet. Yes, they want to mate!

palliative care – Labor Senator for Tasmania, Catryna Bilyk, has launched a petition to save Palliative Care Tasmania from closure.The petition will be tabled in the Senate early next year. While palliative care peak bodies in most states and territories receive ongoing funding, neither the Tasmanian nor Australian Government has committed to further funding for Palliative Care Tasmania beyond the expiry of their three year funding agreement on 30 June 2020. The petition is here.