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Local residents train to peacefully defend kunanyi/Mt Wellington

Acclaimed writer Richard Flanagan speaks to the rally in Cascade Park last year. It was a memorable speech ...
With the Tasmanian Government set to give Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) permission to drill at 32 sites on kunanyi/Mount Wellington in the next few days, Hobart residents are today learning the skills to peacefully defend the mountain.The Bob Brown Foundation are assisting Residents Opposed to the Cable Car (ROCC) to train volunteers in Peaceful Direct Action in a workshop at the Fern Tree Tavern today from 2-5pm.

ROCC spokesperson Ted Cutlan said “Hobart residents are understandably outraged at the State Government directly assisting MWCC through the Department of State Growth; and at the secrecy surrounding the ‘Authority to Enter’ granted under the Cable Car Facilitation Act.”

“With the prospect of drilling works starting soon, the public are determined to halt this outrageous assault on kunanyi/Mount Wellington.”

“In just one week we had over 600 people register that they are ready to protest when drilling starts, and over 60 people have signed up for training today.”

“Carlton United Breweries and Hobart City Council have both respected the strength of local opposition and refused to allow MWCC the use of their land for this deeply unpopular project. And yet the State Government thinks it can just ride roughshod over the community.”

“The people of Hobart love our mountain and will do everything we can to peacefully defend it,” concluded Mr Cutlan.

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Richard Flanagan’s speech in full



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  1. John harris

    March 4, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    I also note the story is written by a nom de plume whereas me n Peter use our names…c’mon…who are you? Too afraid to admit you succumbed to lies and conspiracy theories as fact? Hows that Million to CUB? the red n yellow cables on corflutes? Why has Matt Groom taken a role with MWCC. Once you resort to stopping a DA from progressing you are about as base load intelligence as there is. Peacefully defend what? a 400 million year old piece of rock? These people will hang their heads in shame as their grandchildren get jobs as a direct result. The “I live here and now everything stops” ain’t gonna cut it. Ted needs to remember he is retired so has time to spread fallacies and call lies facts…but his grandkids…like mine needs jobs n a very robust global job market. If not this then what? If not now then when? That Louise lady lied to CUB execs too and now we have lost the opportunity to make the cable car part of an electric hub from the wharf to a great tourist attractions. If a bus load of tourists goes off the mountain and likewise white people claiming spiritual attachment to a lump of rick replaces indigenous rangers telling the history and story to thousands of PAYING customers. Ditto HCC will loose a mill dollars this year and Councillors calling for $100K to declare parts of the mountain world heritage…well hello..world heritage doesn’t contain communication towers or car parks big enough for 40 buses in the SAME spot as the Cable car seeks to land. 100 years of wasted opportunity…wonder of the youth unemployment level is any indication of the pale male and stale thinking of the protesters.

  2. Peter Clark

    March 4, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    nothing green about the anti cable car group … a cable car on the mountain is actually a universal green policy … no idea what these “people” are arguing ??? A cable car gets people off the ground and vehicles off the road … any greens being a part of this movement are being misled.

  3. John Harris

    March 4, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    If only facts were reported. The overwhelming support is for a cable car. HCC Councillors are 50/50 wanting due process. The Mayors failed effort to stop the Kuranda cable car sees it listed as an Eco Tourism spot with 10 million visitors. No failed cable cars globally and many now part of clean urban traffic solutions. The Mountain road was NEVER designed for existing traffic and especially not more diesel buses. It’s not pristine and has been an adventure park for able bodied people since white settlement. Protesting a clean GREEN job creation based on a value added tourism experience will add to many thousands of local visitations is as good as it gets. Conspiracy theories based on proven lies does NOT make a base for objection. Community consultation sees MWCC with 10’s of thousands of posts. Detractors block any questions about the cable car and will not engage.

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