Linda Bull is a frequent visitor to Tasmania. In fact she was here just last week.

She will be back very soon with her show Stardust: The Songs of Willie Nelson and then again later in the year as part of the 7th anniversary APIA tour. A credit to Linda she takes an interest in the state’s developments including those to the airport and MONA. Linda revels in walks along the waterfront and the clean beauty of the state. She tells me in this respect it reminds her of Scandinavia, another often visited venue of the Black Sorrows.

Linda and her sister Vicka are a powerhouse team both together and as a duo and as part of The Black Sorrows. Today however we are talking about Stardust: The Songs of Willie Nelson. The production showcases the 1978 album ‘Stardust’ which remained on the charts for 10 years and garnered Willie Nelson a Grammy for ‘Georgia on my Mind’.

Linda says she has always been a fan of Willie Nelson’s music by virtue of her dad who would play the albums regularly when she was growing up.  In a demonstration of music’s universality she smiles at the interesting concept of a girl from Tonga bringing to life the classic covers of a Texan singer. What has really surprised Linda is the fact that no one has commented on what a girl is doing singing a fellas songs and that is really refreshing.

The songs Linda says are deceptively simple but quite difficult to sing, they include

 ‘Blue eyes crying in the rain’,’ Crazy’, ‘All of me’ ‘Always on my Mind’  ‘Georgia on my mind’ ‘help me make it through the night ‘and ’On the road again’.

If you go searching for info about Linda there are some errors out there, the suggestion of her study of microbiology has been greatly macro-fied! It all developed because Linda mentioned she liked looking at things through a microscope … at primary school! However, some facts you find about Linda are correct, she did consider being a visual artist and studied silk screen printing at university.

Even though visual art has taken a backseat at the moment a recent gift of an easel and paints from Linda’s boyfriend has brought the idea of resuming an artistic career forward again and she is adamant that she will spend some time on creating art.

Accompanying Linda on her tour will be Sime Nugent who Linda tells me is a fantastic furniture maker as well as having the ability to ‘sing like a bird’.

Linda says she and Vicka are behind one another and continue to support each other in their singing careers.

You can see Linda Bull with Sime Nugent in ‘Stardust: The Songs of Willie Nelson on the following venues and dates …

 Thursday, 28 March 2019
Spiegeltent, Hobart
Tickets available now from the Spiegeltent

Friday, 29 March 2019
Paranaple Arts Centre, Devonport
Tickets available now from the Venue