Ted relishes immersing himself in the Earth’s wild places and is committed to the ongoing protection of our priceless landscape.

Ted is convinced that presenting evocative imagery to the world is the surest means of securing its protection.

Ted has won numerous major awards this century through the Australian Geographic – ANZANG photo competitions for his landscape, nature and wildlife images.

Ted is also a prolific writer and political activist on conservation issues and has written around 160 articles to Tasmanian Times, which you can read HERE

Ted will shortly be setting up a crowdfunding campaign using the Pozible platform to raise funds to publish his book Tarkine – takayna, endorsed by Bob Brown.

Check out Ted’s gallery (HERE) to see why he is so passionate about protecting the Earth’s special places.

Ted spends a lot of time in the bush but can be contacted via the form on the website: HERE

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