Silence so tight
it’s coiled like a spring
deep in the night
no voice to sing
no bell to ring

Silence so tight
it could snap any moment
whip like a wire
slice like atonement
slash like a comment

Silence so tight
it cannot be seen
hidden in time
secret and mean
so tiny and lean

Silence so tight
no heart can beat
no mind can think
no cold can heat
no sheep can bleat

Silence so tight
it sets the soul free
to fly in the night
like a bird from a tree
like a star that is seen

NOTE ~   I once began sailing on a sea of meditation, where silence is found. Sometimes, when my art studio was in the Salamanca Arts Centre, back in the 1980s, I’d ask visitors if they would like to see my essay on Silence. It was obviously a long one, large copy paper folded over to make A4 in size and with many pages, sewn down the spine, and with ~ Silence ~ on the front cover, in blue. The visitor would open it, and turn the page, and again, and again, then look ….. then laugh. Each page within was blank, with ~ silence.