The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has been advised by the owners of Ocean Monarch mobile offshore drilling rig (MODU) that the company will now undertake a visual inspection of the hull of the MODU as required by the EPA.


EPA Director, Mr Wes Ford reported that the company, Diamond Offshore General had agreed to conduct the inspection itself, prior to the departure of the MODU from the River Derwent.


The inspection, which is likely to take place in early January, will be conducted in accordance with the direction given by Mr Ford on 14 December.


Mr Ford had been exploring options for the EPA to undertake the inspection which is designed to check for the presence of marine pests such as the introduced Colonial Sea Squirt, Didemnum perlucidum.


The EPA will continue to work with Diamond Offshore General to ensure the underwater survey meets the EPA’s specifications and the company fulfils its requirements under Tasmania’s environmental legislation.


Copies of the Environment Protection Notice (EPN) and the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Ocean Monarch’s temporary mooring in the River Derwent are available on the EPA website.