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Liberals turn their back on the world’s displaced people

The Liberals’ decision to refuse to sign the United Nations Global Compact for Migration is an admission that their refugee policies are in breach of international law, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says
“There is nothing remotely controversial in the document, and the Liberals are once again undermining global collaboration on refugees,” Senator McKim said.
“Ensuring that migrants are not arbitrarily detained, and that decisions to detain are based on law should not pose any kind of challenge to a government which supports the rule of law.”
“It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the Liberals would turn their backs on the world’s refugees like this.”
“This is a Government that wears its cruelty on its sleeve, and it now joins other far right regimes like the United States and Israel in working against global agreements on migration.”

“The displacement of people worldwide can only be solved if nations work together, not through the isolation and cruelty advocated by the Australian Government.”

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  1. Rob Halton

    November 21, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    Some thing to think about, PM Morrison is the first to move away from much maligned doctrine of uncontrolled Multiculturism which has been occurring over the past 20 years.

    Thank god someone in government by now has woken up to the emphasis for sustainable population around 25-26 Million and an increased effort for border security protection as determined by the cooperation of Australia, the US and NZ with the PNG government to prevent the Chinese government backed business and their military forever coming closer to Australia.

    The cooperative requisitioning of Manus island as a naval base is an essential piece of national security infrastructure that serves the region to the north of Australia to deter “invaders”, and we all know who they are likely to be!

    A slowdown in all levels of migration is required, its up to the PM and the Minister for Home land affairs to determine who comes to settle in Australia.

    Its irresponsible political idiots like McKim who are not with the times by thinking that Australia would sign up to the idealistic UN Global Compact for Migration Agreement.

    We must not commit our nation to what is currently continuous global population overload, absolutely no way!

    I can understand why we need to be cautious in the various areas of migration, family reunion, business, real estate ownership and refugee intake, ultimately I trust the government will forever tighten its migration policy to ensure we get the best from overseas migration.

  2. Leonard Colquhoun

    November 21, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    It’s good that the nation’s government is keeping well away from this (as usual) dodgy UN ‘scheme’.

    No free nation, especially no liberal democracy, should surrender its sovereignty to a motley crew of 100+ tyrannies, theocracies, absolute monarchies, and Marxist self-styled ‘democracies’ where mass murder, group-ID racism, legally-endorsed rape, homosexual = crime laws, vicious (and viciously injurious) misogyny are part of the cultural heritage – places in which and regimes under which not a single proponent of this linkup would wish to be in.

    PS: Shouldn’t those so eager for us to have open borders have no locks on their doors and windows, openly visible IT passwords, and cars left on the front drive or at the kerb with keys in the ignition? Shouldn’t what’s advocated in the maxi world should also be practiced in the mini world?

  3. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    November 21, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    The law only exists at all because behind it is a social compact and settled set of agreements as to what it should be, how it should operate, a consensus that it should be obeyed and made enforceable through a commonly agreed set of protocols set up by legitimate authorities.

    Present refugee and asylum flows and reservoirs are now so large that the whole edifice of how to deal with them is becoming problematic to the extent that the post 1945 agreements are coming into question. The standing of the UN is not what it was. The exigencies of practical politics are increasingly clashing with the legalities.

    This is not just happening in the matter of the legalities of asylum and refuge. The bitter arguments going on in the US right now over appointments to the High Court indicate just how politicised the law is becoming, as completely different visions of the law start to line up against each other.

    The evolution of multilateral agreements that bypass the conventional national and international courts is another sign of the times.

    The Greens have a position that is every bit as ideological as what it is attacking.

    Australia has excellent reasons why it shouldn’t sign anything that is going to make it more difficult to control its borders. There is a very solid majority here that does not want to follow and repeat the multicultural disasters that have emerged in the wake of not controlling national borders and migration flows elsewhere.

    Multculturalism is a risky enterprise at the best of times. There are painfully few examples of it that have worked well in the long term, and plenty that are variously toxic. The Buddhists in Myanmar have just ethnically cleansed their entire Muslim population.

    You would think that the rise of Trump, Brexit and the European alt right would give the Richard Dees of this world some pause for caution, but apparently not, anymore than runaway climate change is causing the equally bunkered lumpen coaletariat to review its sacred cows.

    • Leonard Colquhoun

      November 21, 2018 at 4:50 pm

      “Multiculturalism is a risky enterprise at the best of times.”

      To some extent, yes, but now very definitely because it is now a fully-fledged ‘-ism’. It’s similar to how being economically rational degenerated into economic rationalism, and how the women’s liberation movement dystopia’d itself into feminism: in both cases (and in every other parallel case) morphing (or should that now be ‘transitioning’?) into an ‘ism’ is a non-stop slide to rigid conformism, fascistic authoritarianism and self-contracted stupidity. Think of the Spanish Inquisition’s Catholic cosmology, and Islamic creationism, Stalin’s Lysenkoism and Hitler’s Deutsche physik … all rubbish.

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