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IMAGE:   The image to this poem features avatar agent Jaqi Bluh, on a stool in the bar at the Buried Man art region.

Waiting at the Bar for YOU!

Waiting at the bar for you,
YOU didn’t show,
I’m feeling blue.

It’s HOT at the Buried Man tonight,
so many avatars
lost their tights.

Me too fell in,
hid behind a chair,
was that a sin.

Mind over matter,
has to be so,
to make pixels flatter.

The spirit flies so high
and sees so much
that is so fine.

I’m waiting for YOU,
alone in the bar,
I thought you were true.

I’m feeling blue,
missing you,
its true.

NOTE ~   This poem is reflective of the amazing interactive art project by Mind Carlberg, staged at the Buried Man art region in Second Life, where folk were invited to take a photo of their avatar, naked, with a chair. 411 Second Life residents participated, and many more came to see. There was quite a buzz. Called ~ Naked with a Chair ~ the show is now on permanent exhibition at a nudist region in Second Life, where anyone interested can go to see the show, but to go beyond in those regions, one’s avatar must be nude. Personally, the Naked Chair show sparked a whole new lease on creativity for me in Second Life, with a kaleidoscope of possibilities, unseen before. I had been moving in this direction, and preparing gallery space by Pawpaw Station, but Naked Chair show was like a lightning strike, revealing a whole new landscape in the landscape of the unimagined. I am making more art in Second Life now, filling galleries with creative images, and also writing poems, via an avatar. Seventeen now, since June, and aiming for 101, for a book. Some of the poems are being printed, then laminated, and then hung by a string in places around Ross. So the poems first created in Second Life, are now finding a place in life, and in the landscape. This could grow into a poems trail around Ross.

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