All charities and organisations couldn’t do their important work in the community without the help of volunteers.

One such organisation is the St. Giles Toy Library in New Town. It’s fully staffed by volunteers.

The Toy Library’s main purpose is to inspire children who access St. Giles’ services to continue with ongoing therapy through play.

Kevin Edwards is one of three people who volunteer at the Toy Library. He’s in charge of basic operations, as well as cleaning and fixing toys when necessary.

Kevin loves what he does. He tries to make the library as stress-free as possible.

“Parents have enough on their plate already,” he says.

He thinks volunteering is important for so many reasons.

“Without volunteers, programs just wouldn’t happen, period,” he says.

“While one person is a drop in the ocean, volunteers as a collective are an ocean capable of making a massive difference.”

Kevin started volunteering at the Toy Library after a chronic illness forced him to leave the Australian Army. When he found there was a volunteering role available at the Toy Library, he “jumped straight in.”

“I’m one of the world’s biggest kids,” he says.

“It was like somebody had created the perfect job for me.”

And so a soldier became a toy librarian and a giver of hope.

Volunteering is about doing what you love. Kevin’s work helps kids and their families, which he loves.

Back in May, he accepted a certificate of appreciation on behalf of St. Giles as part of the Hobart City Volunteer Recognition Program.

Six million people volunteer nation-wide. Be sure to say thank you to them.