Xylouris White dancing …

Mona’s Pharos will be serving hot food accompanied by hot Cretan music by acclaimed duo Xylouris White in our newish restaurant, Faro, on September 28th, and you’ll be there if you give us 95 bucks.
Comprised of vocalist and lute player George Xylouris and drummer Jim White (of Dirty Three fame), Xylouris White has attracted fans all over the world with a mix of contemporary and traditional Cretan music.

“Xylouris White creates a trance-inducing miasma of improvised microtonal and polyrhythmic splendour. They also kick much ass and have fun while doing it. You will too”, Mona music curator Brian Ritchie said.

“George lives and breathes Cretan lute and Jim is an Australian national treasure banging on stuff. Faro has the right blend of ethereal and informal to provide the ideal vehicle for their freewheeling musical excursions.”

The Friday evening event will be no ordinary gig. It will be a Cretan feast for all of the senses.

Mona’s executive chef Vince Trim has designed a special menu to match the sounds of Xylouris White.

“Riotous Cretan music deserves glorious Cretan food. We’ll be serving octopus, squid, lamb, as well as lots of vegetarian options,” Vince Trim said.

Xylouris White will play at Mona on September 28 from 7pm.

Drinks and canapés are included in the $95 ticket price.

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Alex Johnston Mona Senior Media Coordinator