The Vice President of the United States boldly reported for the whole World to read ~

“Honored to meet with Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s representative to Australia. #VPinAUS.”

The monarch is watching, but are we amused?

Is it time, yet, to get real about what it means to be a free nation in the Antipodes?

The key decision that sank the republic last time, was the general hatred of politicians getting to select our president.

Off with their heads!!!

Aussies may well reject the republic again, if we do not get to vote for our president.

What fun is there in allowing politicians to dictate to us who gets to be our head of state?

Whatever design of flag we select, I cannot imagine an Australian flag without the stars of the Southern Cross.

And will we get a new national anthem, or would we be better off learning to sing Great Southern Land ~

Some may love the chains to the British crown, the memories of the redcoats and the convicts.

Some may love the brief revival of knights and dames by the onion munching budgy smuggler who may still have been a British citizen when elected to parliament, but would never say.

Some may wish there was a land bridge from the Antipodes to merry old England.

But, will we finally grow up as a nation?

Will we breathe the free air.

Are we there yet?

*Kim Peart was raised in Howrah, Tasmania, from 1952, and is a visual artist with an interest in Viking culture, colonial history and space exploration, and now lives in Ross, where there is an interesting bridge.