An opinion article in the Examiner claimed that “everyone can help to resolve homelessness” ~

If that is true, how would this happen?

There are two approaches to solving homelessness, and only one will work.

The current approach of wishful thinking within the status-quo of present politics and economics has not worked for decades.

This is because politicians and economists rely on around 5% unemployment (official, but the real percentage is ever higher) to keep the wheels of growth turning.

Those garnering wages by working within the status-quo have a vested interest in the system that creates homelessness, continuing.

The reality of this cruel approach to society drives poverty and homelessness as an inevitable consequence of greed.

This approach also drives overwork for those with work, expectations of unpaid hours of work, and low wages that force workers into poverty, and can lead to people with work also finding themselves homeless.

Maintaining unemployment for growth is a cruel system that forces people into under-employment, unemployment, poverty and homelessness, so the well-off can grab a larger share of the national pie, and the super-rich make an absolute killing.

Politicians and economists run with a system that takes the bounty of the nation from the poor, and gives it to the rich.

Should politicians and economists be put on trial for highway robbery?

Now we have an age where people with work are reaching out for help, because we are running with a greedy system that does not pay wages that allow people to survive.


The alternative approach is to slam the brakes on, step out of the growth truck, and look at working options for the whole nation.

By returning to the traditional Australian value of a Fair Go, we can decide to deliver real full-employment with real pay for all able workers.

This is the way we can solve homelessness, because people will have work and workers need homes.

Real full-employment will force house prices into an affordable zone.

Real full-employment will oblige politicians to enforce corporate tax payment, and cut welfare for the rich.

Real full-employment will increase tax revenue, which will also reduce the tax demand on each citizen.

Real full-employment will shrink the size of Centrelink, dispatch the job network into history, and kill off the scam training colleges, which emerge like weeds in the garden of greed.

Real full-employment will end the age where unemployed people are controlled, disciplined, humiliated and punished in a system that is little more than a reverse convict system, that the people of Tasmania rejected in 1853.

Who would join a Fair Go movement to deliver a healthier and happier nation?

If a critical number of Australians demanded the delivery of a Fair Go, politicians would follow, simply for votes.

A new batch of polticians may be elected, who run with Fair Go values.

If we will not change our greedy ways, we can expect the current level of poverty and homelessness to increase.

The robot revolution now well underway is set to remove half of current paid work over the next couple of decades.

We are seeing what happens now when Centrelink uses a robot to replace workers and claw back claimed debts.

Is the Centrelink robot and the cruelty it is dishing out the kind of future we want for our nation?

With the Centrelink robot, the future is upon us, and I can but wonder how many people may be made homeless as a consequence.

If anyone would like to discuss Fair Go options, I would be pleased to hold a meeting in Ross, or attend a discussion in Hobart, Launcestion, or Devonport.

Politicians could be invited who would like to speak to the meaning of a Fair Go.

Email me ~

There are a million possibilities in our amazing age, which can be used to create work, and end homelessness.

Would you like to champion a discussion for a Fair Go, creating real full-employment, and sending homelessness into the dark past from whence it came?

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To find hope beyond the Centrelink robot, we must fight for a Fair Go ~

*Kim Peart is a visual artist who has come to wonder why the land of a Fair Go is not always very fair. Over the years Kim has engaged with many social issues, including human rights with West Papua and unemployment, organising a conference on employment as one of the basic human rights in the 1990s (Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Kim worked in a community association engaged with the homeless in Queensland in 2010, and saw first-hand what can happen to people in our society, and just how easily anyone could end up homeless. Kim found himself homeless for a time in 2008, even though working full-time, while paying off a credit card debt, and discovered how many people use self-storage as the last ditch of hope to keep their lives together. In the 1980s Kim would sleep in his car and work during the day in his studio in the Slamanca Arts Centre, as an artist cannot always afford a studio and a home. Kim now lives in Ross, Tasmania, with his wife Jennifer, and looks to a better future for our Great Southern Land.