Today’s COAG meeting delivered positive outcomes for Tasmania.
At the meeting, the Federal Government agreed to an extension of the National Partnership on Homelessness. This is very important because it will deliver over $11 million in cash and in-kind support to ensure we can continue to deliver vital services for vulnerable Tasmanians, particularly those who are homeless and experiencing family violence.
We also signed the Intergovernmental Agreement on Competition and Productivity Enhancing Reforms, which means that Tasmania will be eligible for future competition payments for important economic improvements such as the introduction of the sharing economy, and our building and planning reforms.
On energy, I ensured that the case for a second Bass Strait interconnector remains firmly on the national agenda. Tasmania is already more than 90 percent renewable, and there is a real opportunity for Tasmania to become the renewable energy battery of the country.
The integrity of the National Firearms Agreement is very important, particularly to Tasmanians, and all states today agreed to strengthen the Agreement by reclassifying lever action shotguns.
I am pleased to have also been elected to Chair the Council for the Australian Federation in 2017, which positions Tasmania for a stronger leadership role in national debates.
Will Hodgman, Premier