*Pic: NASA image of the Sun

If there was no sun in the Solar System, there would be no life on Earth.

It is the power of the Sun that provides the energy for life.

When plants and animals die and are buried in the earth, their stored energy from the Sun is transformed into coal and oil.

It is the Sun that drives the renewable energies of wind, wave and hydro power.

Though the Sun is often called a renewable energy source, this is not the case, as our star burns a fuel supply that is not being renewed.

To call solar power renewable is to misunderstand the real power of the Sun and its full potential as an energy source.

As a star, our Sun is now 35% hotter than at its birth 4.5 billion years ago and has so much fuel in reserve, it will burn fiercely over the next 5 billion years, until expanding to the orbit of the Earth as a red giant star.

This is basic astronomy for the life cycle of a star like our Sun.

Our star is a virtually infinite energy source, a giant fusion reactor from which we can harvest the power to do any work imagined.

Most of the power of the Sun escapes into space as light, with a tiny fraction of that radiance providing light and energy for life on Earth.

We can harvest the power of the Sun on Earth, as plants have since the dawn of time.

We can also harvest the power of the Sun beyond Earth, as happens at the International Space Station.

The best place to harvest the power of the Sun is in space, where there is no air to weaken the sunlight, and no sunset to take away the Sun for half of each day.

Knowing how this essentially free power is available in space, all we have to do is build a solar power station above Earth, which we do now in small ways for satellites and space stations.

With power available in space, resources mined from the Moon and asteroids can be processed and made into any product.

With no limit to the power of the Sun and ample resources in the Solar System, unlimited wealth can be created beyond Earth.


There are two ways to view the virtually infinite power of the Sun and how the wealth generated can be put to work.

We can follow the path of terrestrial wealth generation, and allow the power of the Sun to be monopolised, so that the benefits are restricted and the profits hoarded by a few.

Alternatively, we can awaken to the power of the Sun and work together to establish industry in space, with the aim of sharing the power of the Sun and the wealth created, to send poverty into history and invest in a healthy and creative life for all Earth’s children.

When we reach to the power of the Sun, we can know that whatever the cost involved, a line will one day be reached where there is no further cost to Earth, and beyond which there would be an infinite return on the investment, from across the Solar System and among the stars.

We can either allow a few individuals to monopolise the power of the Sun, or rise to the challenge of working together as free citizens to create a celestial civilization with a stellar economy, where poverty is sent into history.


The costs involved in creating a stellar economy can be worked out in fine detail, but the cost alone should not be a hindrance.

However high the price of securing a sustainable industrial presence in space, because we are looking toward an infinite return on the investment, an entirely different dynamic comes into play.

A foundation can be formed to raise the funds to create a stellar economy and seek the cheapest and swiftest way to achieve this.

With a clear objective that benefits the whole Human family, there is every reason under the Sun to excel in this effort and achieve the goal.

Once a stellar economy is created, there will be no limit to opportunities for individuals to create wealth.

The challenge is to create a fiscal foundation that serves the needs of life, and is not monopolised by mafia economics, which requires a large percentage of poverty, even when there is great wealth in a society.

If the bounty of the power of the Sun is monopolised by a few, driving an economy that keeps billions of people in poverty, then this should be seen as a form of theft of the bounty of the Solar System.

Mafia economics needs to be made illegal by all governments on Earth, or we will never be free of poverty in society, on Earth or in space.

If we allow the terrestrial approach to wealth monopoly to dominate the future in space, then the theft of the bounty of the Solar System will simply be an open act of legalised piracy.


The legalised mafia approach to controlling wealth is demonstrated in the Australian economy, where politicians and economists rely on around 5 percent unemployement to keep the wheels of growth turning, so the well-off can grab a larger share of the national pie, and the super rich make an absolute killing. [1]

The real unemployment level is much higher, as the numbers are manipulated by tricks, such as declaring a person employed if they work for one hour a week.

This process began in the Industrial Revolution, when machines allowed more wealth to be created, reducing the need for workers, but the bounty generated was not fairly shared in society.

In the 1960s automation further reduced the need for workers, but instead of building a fair society, a mafia economy emerged that takes the bounty of the nation away from some, and sets up systems that drive a percentage of citizens into poverty, so the wheels of growth can keep turning.

This vicious approach to economics drives over-work for those in work, under-employment for too many, unemployment, poverty and homelessness, where children can be found on the street.

This tyrannical state of affairs is about to get a whole lot worse, with the dawning robot revolution set to remove half of current paid work over the next couple of decades. [2]

The systems are now in place, both political and economic, to ensure that the robot revolution will further benefit mafia economics, and not lead to a fair society.

We can expect more of the same style of piracy, with the well-off living in forts patrolled by robot sentries, and the poor sent to work camps, patrolled by robot sentries.

Those forced into poverty for growth, so that the well-off can have more, will lead to higher levels of crime and home invasions by desperate people seeking food and money.

People will only tolerate so much control, discipline, humiliation and punishment by a society that has lost the plot and uses fear to control life.

A reaction to state driven tyranny may be through revolution, in a civil war where none win.


With vested interests in maintaining poverty and controlling the bounty of the Earth, we cannot expect a hand up to a stellar economy by the generals of mafia economics.

We can expect active opposition to building a fair society on Earth and in space.

Reaching to the power of the Sun and creating a stellar economy may be the only chance people on Earth have to win a fair and caring society.

We may be at the last gas station before the desert of oblivion, but there is hope.

If a large enough number of people on Earth support the creation of a stellar economy, this can happen.

It is people power that can remove the bricks from the wall blocking the way to a celestial society.

Anyone who cares about life, will help remove those bricks.

The alternative is too dark to imagine.


The moment a decision is made on Earth to create a stellar economy, the benefits will begin to flow in a form of futures market, knowing that success will deliver an infinite return on the investment.

A movement of a few million, or a billion people working toward a stellar economy, could begin offering hope on Earth now, by seeking ways to create work for the unemployed, and bringing homeless people off the street.

It will not be an easy path to fight our way out of mafia economics and into a stellar economy, but if we will not fight, we cannot win.


Victory will also mean we will be securing ways to deal with all problems on Earth, such as the carbon crisis that is now growing as a threat.

It is now accepted by the nations that carbon dioxide (CO2) needs to be below 350 parts per million (ppm) which is the level that will keep temperature rise below 1.5C. [3]

This position was accepted by the nations at the Paris climate conference in December 2015.

The trouble is, CO2 is now going beyond 400 ppm, rising by 3 ppm per year, a rate that is accelerating and with no end in sight to how high CO2 will rise, and therefore how high the temperature will go up, we are gazing down the barrels of a very dangerous future.

With the Arctic region heating up faster than any other place on Earth, the permafrost is melting, releasing a more potent greenhouse gas in methane, which will drive the planet’s temperature up higher and faster.

It is basic chemistry to remove CO2 from the air and crack carbon out of the molecule, but a large amount of energy is required to do this work.

By building solar power stations in space and beaming the energy to Earth, we will have the power available to do the work of drawing down CO2 in the air and winning back a safe planet.

We will also be able to deal with many other environmental problems on Earth, such as using space factories to build machines that can clean up the trash in the oceans, even down to the fine particles of plastic that fill the seas.

Space factories can also be used to build a sunshade in space to help cool the Earth.

Life on this planet only has around a billion years to run, as the Sun gets hotter, but with a sunshade in space, we can extend the tenure of life on Earth by billions of years.


Large asteroids do strike the Earth from time to time, as with one that sent the dinosaurs packing 66 million years ago.

One day another large asteroid will find its way to Earth.

If that day arrived tomorrow and we had time to act, it is predictable that the nations would unite as one in rising to the challenge of defending Earth.

Solar power stations would be built in space, so industry beyond Earth could build the means to defend Earth, by mining an asteroid into oblivion, or nudging the beast into a new orbit.

If the monster was too big to deal with, we would build arks for life in space.

It would be better to build planet defence and arks for life in space, sooner rather than later, than look up in the future and find we are out of time.


Rather than allowing mafia economics to continue with its grip on life, where the few monopolise the wealth of this planet, robbing the bounty of children found homeless on the street, a far better legacy would be to invest in life and health for all the people of Earth.

Each individual on Earth now holds the key in their hands to unlock the gates to a celestial civilization, where poverty is sent into history, where we can win back a safe Earth.

This work could have begun four decades ago, but instead, we allowed a mafia economy to control our society.

If enough people on Earth will work together now, we can peacefully remove the bricks in the wall and break out of the current state of legalised piracy on Earth.

If we value freedom, we will not want to live in a prison.

As conditions on Earth worsen, both social and environmental, this planet will become more like a prison, and a powder keg that can blow in another great war.

Such conflict can all too easily slide into nuclear madness, leaving nothing but fields of scorched bones.

What each of us do now will determine whether there is peace on Earth, and whether there is life.

If we will reach to the power of the Sun, we can invest in cosmic survival.

If we stubbornly cling to our Earthly cradle, we may lose the lot.

What will we choose to do next?

CAMPAIGN FOR A STELLAR ECONOMY ~ Would you like to join the campaign to create a stellar economy that sends poverty into history and wins back a safe Earth? Many individuals and organisations can be involved in this campaign, including Space Pioneers, which is dedicated to achieve it ~ SpacePioneersGrid@iinet.net.au


[1] “The Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment is a term used by economists and politicians to refer to the level of unemployment, between 4% and 6%, considered necessary to prevent inflation taking off.”
How the unemployed ‘disappear’ and why it matters
Rose-Marie Stampe & David Fryer, The Conversation, 12 January 2015
[2] ‘Automation to fundamentally change the job market within 20 years, says Oxford professor’
Matt Eaton & Nance Haxton, 23 March 2015, ABC News Online

[3] This is explored by James Hansen in his 2009 book ~ Storms of My Grandchildren

ABOUT Kim Peart ~

Kim was raised in Howrah from 1952, and watched the old farmlands transform into suburb. Finding adventure in Scouts and Army Cadets, Kim later pursued art and founded a Viking Society in Tasmania in 1975, seeking history and culture in the spirit of adventure. In 1976 Kim saw an ad for space settlement and signed up to be a space development advocate. Environmental matters came later and figuring out how we can live in harmony with Nature. Earth matters and space issues merged in 2006 when Kim wrote his document ~ Creating A Solar Civilization ~ exploring how we can only achieve a sustainable human presence on Earth, by building a sustainable industrial presence beyond Earth. Kim now lives in Ross with his wife, Jennifer, from where they host global meetings with space advocates in Second Life, a virtual world, where people can connect globally and plan local action toward creating a celestial future, and winning back a safe Earth. Kim is the director of Space Pioneers and may be contacted at ~ kimpeart@iinet.net.au ~ In 2014 Kim attended the first Silicon Valley Virtual Reality conference, where he met the pioneers of a new age of the Internet. The adventure has only just begun.