Dear John Powell,

Intended commencement of proposed road construction, harvesting and reforestation operations.

As a near neighbour or identified affected stakeholder, I am writing to formally advise you of Forestry Tasmania’s intention to commence road construction, harvesting and reforesting operations in an area of regrowth forest (coupe FD053A) that is part of Tasmania’s Permanent Timber Production Zone.

Subject to weather, contractor availability and the requirements of other roading, harvesting and fire fighting operations, road construction in this coupe is currently planned to commence in the second half of January 2016. Harvesting operations are planned to commence immediately after the road works are completed.

Our Forest Practices Plan for this coupe has been developed and certified in accordance with the requirements of the Forest Practices Code and our own internal procedures. These requirements and procedures seek to maintain or enhance important environmental and cultural values relating to flora, fauna, geomorphology, soil and water, cultural heritage and visual landscape.

The certified Forest Practices Plan also takes into account the input we have received from stakeholders. The certified FPP is available from our website at or from our local office.

We appreciate your input to our planning processes and understand that there will be some community members that are likely to remain opposed to the harvesting of this regrowth coupe. Forestry Tasmania has carefully considered each and every issue raised by interested stakeholders and has significantly reduced the provisional harvest area in response to these issues and to protect important forest values.

Forestry Tasmania is satisfied that this coupe can be sustainably harvested in a way that both contributes to our legislated wood supply obligations, and protects important forest values. Following harvest, this regrowth forest area will be regenerated as native forest for the benefit of future generations.

If you have any queries please contact me on XXX



on behalf of Forestry Tasmania

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