Is Ta Ann effectively telling Forestry Tasmania/Paul Harriss they are not prepared to play ball with them?

… et al
Interesting email content from Ta An representative below to a member of the Lapoinya community:

The KEY words seem to be …

Even though the TFA has been changed by the recently elected State Government our company has maintained its position that it will only be supplied from the agreed Wood Production Forests and in accordance with the independent Regulators.

Given that SCS Global Services is still deliberating on FCS Accreditation and that Minister (for Forests Paul) Harriss is reviewing the entirety of the status of Forestry Tasmania as a GBE, surely you MUST agree with Ta Ann.

If you do not, then you, and all relevant FT representatives, and Ministers positions are superfluous, and akin to this extraordinary expose of the influences in Tasmania

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”


Earlier …

Dear *****

Thank you for your email of 31/03 and attached information on State Forest coupe FDO 53A.

You have noted that the responsible decision makers are Forestry Tasmania, the Forest Practices Authority, the State Government Minister and relevant independent certification bodies.

Ta Ann Tasmania has contracts with Forestry Tasmania that requires supply of veneer logs to only be made from those areas of State Forest that have been agreed under the Tasmanian Forest Agreement (TFA) previously agreed by all signatory parties.

Even though the TFA has been changed by the recently elected State Government our company has maintained its position that it will only be supplied from the agreed Wood Production Forests and in accordance with the independent Regulators.

We are supplied from dozens of harvest coupes Statewide.

We understand that there is an independent regulatory process to assess for environmental values and we always accept whatever decisions are made by the statutory regulators.

We are a manufacturing company and not involved in the specialist area of forest management.


******* Manager

Ta Ann Tasmania
Rotary Veneer Mill
GPS Coordinates
552 Southwood Road
Lonnavale 7109
Ph: *********

Fax : **********
Mobile : **********
Email : *************

• From: powelljl …
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Subject: RE: Lapoinya
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2015 13:16:31 +1000

… et al,
only 25 days later and still NO reply to this and my prior email.

It would seem the FT motto of “stakeholder consultation” does not ring bells in the corridors of power.

Please think!

There are some very concerned people in Lapoinya who fervently believe, for many valid reasons, that Coupe FD0053a should not be logged.

They have had no answer from you, FT, or the shareholding ministers, re their concerns and their request for the coupe to be permanently annexed to the Flowerdale Reserve as was proposed in the 1997 RFA.

This is not Government for the people, and entirely prejudicial to FT needs for FSC Accreditation.

An early decision would be useful for all including SCS Global Services.



From: powelljl …
To:; …;
Subject: RE: Lapoinya
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 14:47:11 +1000

Mr …
I did as you requested and sent this email to and got a courteous response from … within hours. I have received ZERO from you.

Given the evasion from Minister Harriss in Parliament during the past 48 hours perhaps you no longer have a role, or perhaps you have decided to not log Lapoinya but forgot to tell the community?

Remember the deadline for a decision as communicated to the community was 28 February.

My apologies … , I am not singling you out as this email is largely directed at the Hodgman government and the Minister himself who are fragrantly letting the Tasmanian people down on all respects associated with Forestry as per below.

Minister Harriss,

Is it true that

“the plywood mill promised by Ta Ann after receiving yet more government funds has been built but the imported machinery has failed to meet Australian standards and is currently being modified.

The main press is installed a few feet below factory floor level and keeps filling up with water apparently, which is not a complete surprise given the area was a swamp in a earlier life. Maybe the soil testing was outsourced to FT planners?”

Does this failure of governance by Ta Ann now allow you to void the peeler contract?

Does this make Ta Ann in default of contract terms?

Are you actively seeking a refund of the subsidy provided to Ta Ann?

Have you informed SCS Global of this default?

Is Lapoinya still to be logged?

Lots more questions but this will do for the moment Paul



• From: powelljl …
To:; …;
Subject: Lapoinya
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 17:48:35 +1000

Mr …,

Your email below smacks of bureaucratic duck shoving

“It is not my fault it is that of FT, etc etc.”

In two words BS. See the link below which quite clearly references that duck-shoving predilection.…-lapoinya/show_comments

No it is not, it is YOUR role to ensure that the FPC is upheld by all concerned, including FT and the community.

As the Acting CFPO YOU have responsibility just like your predecessor …

He also had a propensity to pass off his responsibility to others, or ignore it completely.

[Ask him he knows me well!]

How can a decision to be made by the end of the month, (according to … at a consultative meeting on 13 February), and for FT and the community not have a FPP one day before the decision date?

I have ensured this email has gone to the responsible Ministers for governance on FT/FPC matters, to FT Stakeholder Management, and copied to the SCS Global personnel who ultimately decide on FSC Accreditation to FT.

You have done nothing to aid this activity on behalf of FT, and now you will forever be tarnished.

Let it go … !

Declare to FT that Lapoinya FD 053 will never be logged and will be included in the Flowerdale Reserve as was recommended in the RFA (1997)!



Dear Mr … ,

Thank you for your email, which you sent to our Forest Practices Advisor (…).

Your correspondence has been passed on to FPA specialists for review.

I can confirm that the forest practices plan for this coupe is still in draft form. However, you will need to address any questions regarding Forestry Tasmania’s (FT) operational timing and their desired planning outcomes to FT. Please note that FT’s Forest Practices Officers have legal responsibilities (under authority from the Board of the FPA) to ensure appropriate planning is undertaken according to the requirements of the Forest Practices Act and the Forest Practices Code. Planning takes into account the natural and cultural values on the coupe, and management prescriptions are developed according to the Forest Practices Code and its associated planning tools, which may include (where appropriate) the setting aside of reserved areas in the coupe.

As part of the planning process, ecologists from the FPA have already visited the site.

Please address any further correspondence regarding this coupe to:

The Chief Forest Practices Officer at

and not to any other FPA officer.

The issues you raised will be addressed as soon as possible.

Acting Chief Forest Practices Officer
Forest Practices Authority
30 Patrick Street
Tasmania 7000

Tel: 03 6165 4090