Hi-Viz wisdom …? Tony Abbott visits a brickworks with now MPs Eric Hutchinson and Andrew Nikolic during last year’s election campaign.

The broken promises and shameless lies of the recent Federal budget are easily justified if one accepts the argument ( Mercury: Budget had to be tough ) of the Liberal Member for Lyons.

“Just like the millions of Australians it represents who all have to live within their means, this Government believes that our country has to be financially responsible for the sake of our children and grandchildren.”

Sounds plausible?

One problem however. It’s false.

Sophistry at best. Another lie at worst.

A deficit of understanding macro accounting is more a problem than deficit spending.

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( TT today: An open letter to Eric Hutchinson … )

On the other hand the budgetary problems facing Tasmania are different.

It would be a mistake to think our state government, as presently structured, is sustainable.

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• Garry Stannus, in Comments: I was listening today, as Andrew Nikolic in the Parliament, tried to ‘call out’ one of the Labor MPs on the Opposition benches. He apparently was trying to get the other bloke to ‘come outside with him’ for a punch-up and it reminded me of his being cautioned in Launceston’s Brisbane St mall a few years ago. There he had been upbraiding the members of Code Green, who were standing silently in protest in support of our environment, of our forests and against the pulp mill …

Guardian: Does the Coalition understand its own policies? Evidence says no What this means applied to the Australian example is this: what is informing the policy agenda of Abbott’s government is not expertise, experience or research based on comparative modeling. It is not considered opinion, nor consultation with stakeholders. It is not practicality, not economics, not populism (as the post-budget polls clearly show). It is an ideological agenda to punish the poor for being poor, the sick for being sick, addicts for being addicts, and those who who are not rich but wish to learn for having ambitions above their station.”

• Phil Na Champassak, Dear learned reader: Do not take the government or opposition’s figures on the Federal Budget as gospel, because it is more often than not that you are being sold smoke and mirrors. Educate yourself by trying the interactive Guardian Budget 2014: how would you cut Australia’s deficit? – interactive HERE Drag and drop the boxes from out to in to include a budget measure. Hit the submit button when you’re done to send us your choices. The deficit is an estimated cumulative deficit figure over the four-year forward estimates period, as are the savings. Each item shows an estimate of how much it would save in total over four years.


• BuzzFeed (to which there is a permanent link in left-col favoured blogs): 27 Things Tony Abbott Might Say To Barack Obama, HERE