On 17 July, via Tasmanian Times HERE:, and in some case directly by email, I alerted Forestry Tasmania, and others, of the substantive aboriginal history visible on or adjacent to my property and the neighbouring Coupe BA388D.

At that time I sought an intervention in the proposed logging activities of Forestry Tasmania (FT) on the subject coupe until a full archaeological survey was conducted. FT, and others so alerted, has not responded to that request.

I now attach a broader expose of the indigenous history of the area to the south of Quamby Bluff. (HERE)

As a result of the DRAFT Aboriginal Heritage Protection Bill 2012 released by the Minister of the Environment on 3 November, I urgently request that you pursue the following course of action, viz:-

• Immediately advise FT to cease all planning activities associated with Coupe BA388D, and to not commence any operations, until the passage of the subject bill, and appropriate heritage assessment is made,

• Contemporaneously, request the Minister for the Environment to place the areas described in the attachment on a provisional list of the proposed Aboriginal Heritage Register, until such time as that Draft Bill is amended to meet with the necessary input from Aboriginal Groups, and dutifully passed by both Houses,

• Request the TALSC to conduct a full archaeological survey of the denoted area, and surrounds, and

• Reinstate the World Heritage Area sign on the entrance to the area off Mountain Road at 12474 Highland Lakes Road as it was located in June 2010. See photo below.

I have ensured that interested stakeholders have been copied in on this letter (including the TALSC) and would request an urgent and positive reply.

Yours Sincerely,

John Powell

cc. Deputy Premier
Minister for the Environment, Parks and Heritage
Chair, Forestry Tasmania
Members of the House of Representatives and the Legislative Council

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