Richard Flanagan is one of Australia’s finest writers, a polymath with a mind-boggling range of interests and a unique way of communicating with his readers.

For me he is far and away the most distinguished living Tasmanian, scourge of inept politicians of whom we have far too many, fearless opponent of those who would destroy this island’s unique natural environment, which he celebrates so eloquently.

His latest book, And what do you do Mr. Gable?, is not a novel but a collection of short pieces written for a variety of publications.

Collectively they reflect his passions, demonstrate his humanity.

For some year’s I’ve kept a yellowing cutting of his devastating polemic on that odious outfit known as Gunns.

It was published internationally before anyone here had the courage to run it, but it’s now on permanent record as one of the twenty-five memorable pieces that comprise this welcome paperback.

Buy it, read it, give it to friends for Christmas.

• Flanagan also was acclaimed on ABC’s Q@A … particularly his observation about Andrew Bolt … HERE