If there is a hot Tasmanian at the mo’ … it’s gotta be Richard Flanagan.

Once vilified by now Deputy Premier Bryan Green as a “Traitor to Tasmania” (On TT HERE), Flanagan has been guest of choice on national radio as his new book of essays, And What do you do, Mr Gable? goes ballistic.

Glowing reviews are following Mr Flanagan’s progress around Australia – today he is on Radio National’s The Book Show (at 10am). It is a recording of his stunning closing address to the Melbourne Writers Festival. He’s already been a guest on Phillip Adams’ Late Night Live

Clipper has read the address, titled The Decline of Love and the Rise of Non-Freedom. It is stunning. How conformity is killing not just love, but presenting the most terrible threat to national life. And we have been warned; Flanagan reaches back to the gulag, to warn us. Clipper would say conformity – with 70 per cent of print owned by Rupert Murdoch – already has killed Meedja. (For the latest on the media inquiry: The Age: Conroy flags super-regulator for media )

Now you can enjoy a cuppa tea to toast the Flan Man.

Boutique tea shop Jefferson’s Tea – tucked into a shopfront in Wellington Arcade, Hobart – has created Flanagan’s Blend in honour of the author’s regular patronage and request for a particular blend to suit his taste …

… which is brewding, strong, intense (and very thirsty). Just like the writer.

Clipper has no doubt Bryan Green has cleared his schedule to order a pot, and sit and listen to the Flanagan oration, today, 10am (On Radio National, that is; not the tea shop!).

Listen to a podcast of the Flan Man: HERE