A brilliant exposition ! It is a great comfort to know that we have someone of Richard’s intellect, integrity, courage and understanding of the human condition, able and willing to stand against the forces of division and oppression in Tasmania.

He has a most enviable capacity to not only discern corruption and exploitation in all its guises, but can also articulate simple remedies and solutions.

We would do well to reflect on Richard’s view on truth :”power and money can intimidate, can awe, can destroy and even rule. But it cannot prevail against the force of the truth ” The lesson of history is that truth is inexorable and will ultimately triumph. He is right on this and most other things touched on in his speech including the recognition that Gunns isnt “the” problem in Tasmania; poor governance is!!

A point of difference however: Richard describes recent governments as “self perpetuating mediocracy “. That flatters them in my view as, while setting mediocrity as the standard, they demonstrably fail to achieve anywhere near that.

The answer of course is to replace the incompetents at the upcoming elections but I can’t manage much optimism in that regard as it seems too many electors have come to accept failed governments as something you have to learn to live with.

Heaven help us !

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