THE State Government says its $200million pre-Christmas spending has strengthened its popularity and Premier David Bartlett has signalled there is more to come.

A Labor source confirmed yesterday that internal polling showed the Government’s position had markedly improved since the devastating November EMRS poll, but the party was still the underdog heading to the March 20 election.

The November poll showed the Liberals comfortably ahead of Labor in every electorate in the state and Mr Bartlett’s personal approval down to 28 per cent.

Despite launching personal attacks on Opposition Leader Will Hodgman and Greens leader Nick McKim yesterday, Mr Bartlett said Labor would not indulge in a dirty election campaign.

The Government and Opposition yesterday released their agenda for the future, but while the Opposition said it was the official launch of its election campaign, the Government denied it was in election mode.

Providing no detail, Mr Bartlett said the 2010 agenda would focus on “the things that matter to most Tasmanians”: jobs, health, education and housing.

Mr Bartlett refused to say when he would call the election, which must be done at least four weeks before March 20.

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