Our Common Ground founder, and son of original Gunns 20 defendant, welcome’s Gunns decision as victory for all Tasmanians

The son of one of the original Gunns 20 defendants, and Our Common Ground founder, Phil Pullinger welcomed the decision by Gunns to finalise the four remaining matters in the Gunns 20 case, as a win for all Tasmanians who want to end the old fights around in the forest industry.

Mr Pullinger said the decision reconciles one of the lowest points in the forest conflict and provides an opportunity for common ground.

“This is a tremendous chance for us to heal one of the worst wounds of the forest conflict, and together, find a new way forward.

“We applaud Gunns for their willingness to step back from their legal position and we welcome any such efforts at reconciliation.

“It also confirms what we’re hearing from timber workers and timber companies – that they want to move out of the old fights and into sustainable, responsible and more consultative industries.

“The majority of Tasmanian’s don’t want this forest conflict – we want to live in a State where our industry is not in conflict with our natural heritage.

“Tasmania’s got a great future, with a thriving timber industry, beautiful forests and growing tourism. With this decision, we move one step closer,” Mr Pullinger said.
Phill Pullinger