Please add your voice of support to that of others, in this campaign by one British woman who is about to take her pesticide case to the European court. We could do with her verve and expertise down here in Tassie against FT and their liberal use of 1080, atrazine etc.



Hi all,

Remember Georgina Downs from about this time last year who managed to get her complaints about the spraying of pesticides as far as the High Court in London? Well she now has an article on line in the Guardian as she hopes to take the matter to the European Courts but she needs heaps more people to comment on it. Can as many people as possible click on the website she has supplied below and send off a comment asap?

Many thanks Estelle

Dear All,

I have managed to get an article on the Guardian online about taking the pesticides legal case to the European Courts. See

It has a section for comments and at the moment is very short on comments compared to the other comment articles and so the more comments that are posted the better!! Therefore if anyone wants to add any supportive comments to it please do as I think there are only a few days for people to be able to add their comments on before it closes for comments.

The battle to get the UK Government to act over pesticides continues!!!

Thanks and kindest regards,

Georgina Downs.

UK Pesticides Campaign.