HERE is a design for the Australian flag that I made in 1992, which hung in my shop in Bellerive for many years. Tasmanian Aborigines once threatened to rip it down and burn it, if I did not take it down. I left it up.

Rather than replacing the Union Jack with the Aboriginal flag, with this design we see the sun rising over the great sunburnt land down under, with the southern cross as seen in our night sky.

Who knows, maybe this flag would even be acceptable to New Zealand, who also share a love of the southern cross and already have a national flag quite similar to our present flag.

As we dream of the future, it may be better to look to a bold new design that includes our ancient past and also shows that we may have a future among the stars, if we choose this.

The new design and vision for Australia may also inspire that bold new national anthem that everyone is now talking about, but no one has yet heard.

This design is a little similar to the national flag of Papua New Guinea, which has the southern cross on a black ground and a bird of paradise.

The flag of the Northern Territory also has the southern cross on a black ground.

As we look toward winning independence from the British crown and enter upon a new future as a republic, we can explore what we are as an ancient land and a brand new nation.

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