Mark Poynter Online Opinion
The public hysteria surrounding the proposed Tasmanian pulpmill shows that the logging of native forests remains one of Australia’s hottest environmental topics. This is surprising given that sustainable wood production is now permitted within just a net 6 per cent portion of the nation’s public forests, it is highly regulated, and it is regarded as among the best managed in the world. As an environmental threat, the government’s Australia State of the Forests Report, regards logging as insignificant. Read more here

What Flanagan says:
I was pleased to see that Piers Akerman is once again seeking to draw the nation’s attention to an article I wrote almost two years ago ( Gunns: Out of Control ) published in the The Monthly magazine and delighted that Piers is now embracing recycling — in this case from an article he first ran in June 2007, which in turn regurgitated a speech made by Eric Abetz. Although there are some differences — in this case Piers has dropped the anti-Tasmanian jokes that earned him a Media Watch mention last time — your readers may be interested to know that of the 70 errors of fact Abetz claimed I made, he could only list five, and these are all easily refuted. To give but one example: Abetz said, ‘And contrary to Flanagan’s repeated assertions, old-growth forests aren’t harvested for woodchips. They’re harvested for craft wood, furniture, sawmilling and veneering. It is the residue which is chipped for paper, rather than simply being wasted.’ Perhaps Mr Abetz and Mr Akerman might wish to re-examine the forest industry’s own documentation. Akerman recycled: Read more here