Having read the letters, Forestry health hazards, regarding Roelf Roos death, I offer that he would like the last word.

This is the last letter received from Roelf, written the week prior to his death. It is a fitting testimony that it be published. Like many of Roelf’s letters, he provided a commentary on current events and applied them to the bigger picture. In light of Gunns’ disgraceful behaviour in mounting a legal attack on more than 20 people the following month, his remarks are even more poignant. Incidentally “der Heiland am Kreitze!” translates to “Heart on the Cross.”

G’day …..,

Gunns special price for 90×42 DAR Tas Oak: $14.25 p/m. I make that $3769.84 p/cbm finished product. With fish farming and logging now possibly coinciding at the upper Esk, anecdotal, verbal evidence suggest the fish farmers to be “impressed” by the local water quality!

If true, this is what one would wish. It is a prerequesite for business, proves world’s best practices to work and cements the view, that maintained the single voice sowing doubts and producing documentation to the contrary here, to be a feral factor, detrimental to varying business interests and progress generally!

There is nothing, that cannot be bought, uncluding der Heiland am Kreitze! With a personal calamity arising out of these impressive environmental factors, that may be the only hope! The impressive clean and green factor insures a good trade in price prior to departure.


Erika Ford, Melbourne