What     ‘Mystery Art Sale Fundraiser’

When     Saturday 16 October 2021, 10.00-14.00

Where     Artway Gallery, 22 Wellington Street, Launceston (next to Gateway Baptist Church and over the road from Morty’s Food Hall)

Why     To help the extremely poor children in Despuzeau in Haiti.

All monies raised will go straight to Haiti, no expenses will be deducted.

Who     By Artway Gallery, Gateway Baptist Church and PAC Haiti.

Contact Ian & Natalie Campbell 0408 128 871

The Mystery     People won’t find out who has done the piece of art they choose until they purchase it.  It could be done by a top artist, a Glover prize winner, a sports person or a kindergarten child.  The piece you purchase just might be a good investment and valuable in the future.

Cost     Each A5 piece of art will be $100.00