This poem was first published by the Wellington Times and Agricultural and Mining Gazette on Saturday, 4 April 1891. The author is ‘Holly’.

‘To My Native Land’

By ‘Holly’

Tasmania, my own, my dear native land
Welcome to thee once more,
I love to see thy sunny face,
To stand upon thy shore;
I love to feel thy breezes play,
So joyous and so free,
Tasmania’s the land for me.

Tasmania, my own, my native land,
I love, I love but thee
Other lands are alas fair,
But none so dear to me
England may boast of stately halls,
India its rural shore,
But my boast shall be of Tasmania,
My home, the land that I adore;

To My Native Land. Wellington Times and Agricultural and Mining Gazette (Tas. : 1890 – 1897), 4 April 1891, page 2. Retrieved 8 June 2020 from

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