Media release – Dr Scott McKeown, Acting Director of Public Health, Public Health Services, 6 May 2020

Local Government Area coronavirus data

Public Health Services has released Local Government Area data relating to Tasmania’s coronavirus cases.

Local Government Area of a confirmed case is determined by their residential address.

The data does not include three cases of people from interstate who were managed in Tasmania after testing positive.

This data will be updated on a weekly basis. At all times, Public Health Services takes the confidentiality of patients extremely seriously, and some locality data may be withheld if it unnecessarily compromises a patient’s privacy.

There are eight Local Government Areas that have not had a confirmed case in a resident.

Region – Local Government Area – Number of cases

South Brighton 2
South Clarence 5
South Derwent Valley 4
South Glenorchy 3
South Hobart 11
South Huon Valley 6
South Kingborough 12
South Sorell 1
North George Town 1
North Launceston 20
North Meander Valley 2
North Northern Midlands 3
North West Tamar 2
North-West Burnie 63
North-West Central Coast 35
North-West Circular Head 7
North-West Devonport 12
North-West Kentish 2
North-West Latrobe 4
North-West Waratah-Wynyard 23
North-West West Coast 2

Editor’s note: by our count the 8 local government areas that have not had any recorded cases are Break O’ Day, Central Highlands, Dorset, Flinders, Glamorgan-Spring Bay, King Island, Southern Midlands, Tasman.