This poem was first published by The Cornwall Chronicle on Saturday, 8th September 1860. The author is unknown.

Tasmanian Volunteers

Dedicated to the Rifle and Artillery Corps of Launceston.

Tane – The British Grenadiers

Old England’s boast and glory,
Are the British Grenadiers;
But the pride of Young Tasmania
Is her band of Volunteers.
Three cheers for Old Britannia,
Three loud and hearty cheers.
And three for Young Tasmania,
With her noble Volunteers.

The blood of Anglo Saxons
Is flowing through their veins,
Aue the spirit of a hero
Each throbbing breast contains.
Old England’s far-farmed valor
Again in them appears,
And makes her brave descendants
Tasmanian Volunteers.

We hear uncertain rumors
Of long expected Wars,
But when the foe is landed.
And treads upon our stares,
The daughters of Tasmania
Shall banish gloomy fears :
And they shall be defended
By our gallant Volunteers,

Go on, go on, Tasmanians
May great success attend you,
And all your efforts crown.
Your fame be still increasing
Till every nation hears.
And every foe shall tremble,
Before our Volunteers.

‘Tasmanian Volunteers’. The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tas. : 1835 – 1880), 8th September 1860, page 2. Retrieved 9th May 2020, from

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