Bicycle Network Tasmania is urging families who’ve used the time in lockdown to learn to ride or perfect their riding skills to jump on their bikes when they go back to school on Monday.

“It’s been fantastic to see so many families out riding over the past few months while families work and learn from home,” Tasmanian Public Affairs Manager Alison Hetherington said.

“With primary and years 11 and 12 returning to school on Monday, it’s a perfect time to use that new bike confidence to get into better transport habits.”

She said that with many parents still working from home, there was the opportunity to ride with their children to school and prepare them for riding independently.

Bicycle Network have compiled a handy checklist for parents to help them make the decision about whether their child is ready to ride to school.

“Bike riding is a great way for children to play, chat and laugh together without coming into physical contact with each other,” Hetherington said. “And children will get a great burst of exercise and arrive at school happy, energised and ready to learn.”

BN pointed out that more children riding, walking and scooting to school can also help relieve traffic congestion problems at drop-off and pick-up times.

“Families that live further away from schools can make riding part of their daily trip by driving closer to school and riding some of the distance,” she said.

“Part way is ok – by parking the car several blocks from school you can avoid the busy school car park and still have a good bike ride.”

Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program works to help children get their sixty minutes of daily exercise by riding, walking, scooting and skating to school. Almost one in two students at schools that participate in the Ride2School program ride or walk to school – above the national average of one in five.

As well as the checklist, BN  have videos online that can help parents to further hone their children’s riding skills. Check out the Bicycle Network parent portal.

Images in this post courtesy Bicycle Network.