As the official Easter period draws to a close the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Tasmanian Branch (ANMF) would like to acknowledge all nurses, midwives, and care workers for their efforts in providing care and treatment to patients and clients across all sectors during this time.

“While many of the Tasmanian community were at home in isolation with their families – nurses, midwives and care workers remained at work providing care to others in their time of need,” said ANMF Tasmanian Branch Secretary Emily Shepherd.

As the COVID-19 pandemic developed over the Easter period, particularly in the North West of the state, the ANMF spoke with a number of members in an effort to provide support and advice.

“While there were numerous COVID-19 concerns and queries raised and addressed by the ANMF over this period, what really stood out was the dedication of nurses, midwives, and care workers and their solidarity in supporting one another.”

“The Mersey Community Hospital and the Launceston General Hospital (LGH) really stepped up and quickly took on patient transfers. At the LGH, they quickly jumped in to take over all new patient presentations. All of these staff should be commended for their terrific efforts.”

“However, while it has been disappointing to hear rumours circulating about the source of the outbreak at the North West Regional Hospital, which the ANMF have been quick to debunk, it has been heartening to see members from across the state immediately offering support and care for their colleagues following the closure of the North West Regional Hospital and the North West Private Hospital.”

“The messages of support and thanks for the efforts of nurses, midwives and care workers during the COVID- 19 pandemic has been overwhelming and far outweighs any negative and ill-informed comments.”

To date, the ANMF have received numerous messages of support for our nursing, midwifery and care worker members. These are from the community as well and other branches across Australia.

“The solidarity and messages of support from fellow ANMF branches on behalf of their members from around the country have buoyed the spirits of Tasmania’s hard-working nurses, midwives, and care workers.”

The ANMF happily welcome any messages for member of the community and will continue to share these with members via social media, our COVID-19 dedicated website and email.

“We call upon the Tasmanian community to join this movement to spread support and positivity for hard working nurses, midwives and care workers who are on the frontline fighting against COVID-19,” said Shepherd.

Messages for members can be sent to the ANMF via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels, or alternatively via the contact page of our website: