Above image courtesy of PlusLexia, please check out their site! (CC BY 2.0)

A few days ago we launched our We’re Here To Help campaign. We asked for ideas about how the community can support one another during the coronavirus crisis.

Here are some that ideas people have submitted

* purchase gift certificates to local restaurants and brick & mortar retailers to provide an alternative revenue stream.

* host virtual happy hours with friends and family to bolster human connection; look for the hashtag #togetherathome

* buy tickets to future events to show support.

* offer supermarket runs or meal delivery to the elderly, immuno-compromised. quarantined.

* look after yourself! De-stress by going for a walk, planting a tree, taking a nap, getting in contact with an old friend and so on.

* contribute money or items to food banks.

* offer to drive elderly and isolated people to appointments and shopping.

* donate to artists, performers, and venues to show solidarity and continue the celebration of the arts.

* sign up to volunteer for Meals on Wheels.

* donate blood. In response to a question by TT this week, the Director of Public Health confirmed that blood is very necessary to deal with any health emergency.

* provide online attendance options for classes, concerts, religious services and more to connect communities to meaningful experiences.

* share positive thoughts on social media.

* have a shot (of your favourite anything) every time there’s a new recovered case in Tasmania. Currently there are 3 so go ahead, get off to a flying start!

* be nice to people working in supermarkets and other places where demand is high.

We’d love some more suggestions so send them in!