A new exhibition launching today sheds light on a condition that affects over 20,000 Tasmanians.

My Journey is a collection of honest, confronting and inspiring reflections and photos about a condition that is often hidden.

The exhibition is available to view as part of Epilepsy Awareness Month, a national campaign to get more people talking about epilepsy: a neurological disorder of the brain that involves recurring seizures and can affect a person’s ability to study, work, drive a vehicle and enjoy an active social life.

Epilepsy Tasmania’s second instalment of its photo-story exhibition offers a new window into the lives of 20 Tasmanians living with epilepsy, ranging in age from 10 to over 70.

“Two years ago, Epilepsy Tasmania curated a Hobart exhibition of photos and stories to show people what living with epilepsy is really like,” said Wendy Groot, CEO of Epilepsy Tasmania.


“This year we have a selection of new stories and photos to share and have taken the exhibition a step further with a complementary My Journey podcast audio series.”

Sam Ikin is the creator of Epilepsy Tasmania’s new podcasts. “Epilepsy is something most people don’t talk about much,” he said.

“It is something many of us don’t understand and to be honest the thought of someone having a seizure can be confronting.”

My Journey hopes to change this by helping people understand what epilepsy is really like, to demystify it and in turn make life better for people who are living with it.

Listen at home to the My Journey podcast series on Spotify, iTunes and all good podcast stations. The episode featuring Riley and Maria’s stories is included above.

View the photo-story exhibition at the Tailrace Centre, 1 Waterfront Drive, Riverside, Launceston on:
·      Thursday 12 March 10 am to 4 pm
·      Friday 13 March 10 am to 4 pm, and 5.30 to 7pm
·      Saturday 14 March 10 am to 3 pm